In a place as beautiful as Mykonos, Greece, where traditional architecture blends with vibrant social events and modern comfort, dining must be done in style. Refinement is the main attribute characterizing the Phos Restarant (designed by LM Architects), a place where great time is due to great cuisine.

The restaurant borrows its name from the term “light”, an element well taken advantage of in the scheme of the overall design. The architects further explain: “Selecting, as a starting point for inspiration, the shade structure of the greek islands, which owes its existence to the stark Greek light, an architectural element was created that shapes the identity of the restaurant area. The deconstruction of the wooden pergola and its mutation into a sculpture expresses our view regarding the participation of traditional notions in contemporary architecture”. Inspiring elegance and openness, this lovely Mykonos restaurant offers a unique culinary experience to visitors worldwide willingly stranded in a scenic part of Greece.