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A Playful Discussion with Net-A-Porter Precious Stone Pioneer Brent Neale

A Playful Discussion with Net-A-Porter Precious Stone Pioneer Brent Neale

Brent Neale claims she has been drawn to precious stones since her first gem show as a child. Since she launched her namesake brand in 2017, customers have also coveted her feel-good pieces; she’s been an especial favorite of Net-A-Porter customers.

“[She is] really… leading the way in creating modern and directional pieces of fine jewelry,” admitted Libby Page, Senior Market Editor at Net-A-Porter in a recent virtual discussion, adding Neale to her roster of “disruptors, innovators… bringing something new to the table.”

While Net-A-Porter’s fine jewelry offerings are constantly evolving, the e-commerce platform was the first to bring the category to online sales in 2012. Neale was part of the platform’s growth from five brands to 95, and continues to be part of its “focus on heritage brands and exclusives not available elsewhere.”

“There is a younger customer looking for investment pieces that speak to them, so we are broadening our assortment of fresh and exciting talent,” said Page.

Neale launched her first collection about four years ago, and relished in selling out the pieces she offered in her Net-A-Porter launch.

Her knot ring continues to be popular, as well as an entire collection of whimsical mushroom pieces and other precious jewel offerings.

“I start by drawing everything by hand,” Neale said. “I’m inspired by art and by books. The mushrooms were inspired by Alice in Wonderland. I love themes that are fun and whimsical.”

“My ideas start off in my head, then I’ll sit and paint, and then I sit with our head drawer and stone cutter, and I’ll discuss with them what and how many pieces we can produce. Sometimes we can only make a few, like two or three.”

Neale has been popular, too, because she’s willing to use her creativity to offer bespoke creations available at individual price points — not to mention that she’s super accessible via Instagram.

“Customers get to hear my voice through Instagram,” she said, admitting that she manages her own brand account. “It’s hugely powerful. I answer lots of DM’s asking for bespoke pieces. You get to hear from the end consumer what they want and that’s hugely valuable.”

We love Neale’s knots but we’re exceptionally excited about a new onyx hamsa necklace coming exclusively to Net-A-Porter in January.

“It’s so hard to cut these,” Neale admitted of the stone, which is so artfully crafted that some might mistake it for enamel.

The Hamsa is part of Neale’s new Reflections collection, look for unexpected colors – like the black onyx — that bring a playful rainbow of precious stones to Net-A-Porter’s savvy shoppers.