This is your chance to see inside a NYC landmark that has long been closed to the public’s prying eyes — and see it in its greatest grandeur.

Grand staircase at Christmas copy

The world famous Woolworth Building — which was the tallest building in the world for 17 years — is currently offering tours of its magnificent lobby during the holiday season.  Highly ornamented as originally conceived in its design by Cass Gilbert, the halls are now decked for the holidays to create an even more stunning scene.

wreath over Broadway window copy

Technically off limits since World War II, you’ll be among a select few to marvel at its towering vaulted ceilings covered in unbelievably intricate mosaics, be awe inspired by the grand staircase, and delight in the light playing off its remarkable stained glass ceiling.


These exclusive tours include a visit to the lower lobby, a peek into the abandoned bank vault, and… if you’re on Santa’s Exceptionally Nice List, perhaps even a secret sighting of its little known — and long abandoned — underground pool (where nearly a century ago, New York’s elite were first dipping their toes in the water).

What a rare way to take in the splendor of the season.