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A $342,000 Ferrari Crashed By A Groom On Wedding Day

A $342,000 Ferrari Crashed By A Groom On Wedding Day

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Renting high-end supercars to drive back home after the wedding is a norm. But a British groom steered off the track after saying ‘I Do’ and crashed a rented $342,000 Ferrari 458 Spider into his friend’s home in Burnley, Lancashire. 

Usman Ali, with his newly-wed wife on his side, was driving the white prancing horse when his foot slipped onto the throttle and he pressed the accelerator instead of the brake. Created to zoom from 0 to 60 mph in just three seconds, the rented Ferrari leaped forward and smashed into the front of the house. While the couple involved in the crash escaped unscathed, auto enthusiasts will frown at the sight of the crashed Ferrari.

The just-married man is richer with a wife by his side but the crash will leave him poorer as he will have to pay about $35,000 for the damage of the car owned by Birmingham-based Platinum Executive Travel.

A $342,000 Ferrari Crashed By A Groom

A $342,000 Ferrari Crashed By A Groom2