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5 Reasons to Drive Jaguar’s F-TYPE 75 Special Edition Sports Cars While You Still Can

5 Reasons to Drive Jaguar’s F-TYPE 75 Special Edition Sports Cars While You Still Can


In celebration of Jaguar’s 75 years of producing luxury sports cars and the final model year of the F-TYPE after just over a decade of the type on sale, the company released two special edition cars: the F-TYPE 75 and F-TYPE R 75 that come in Coupe and Convertible body styles. Powered by its supercharged V8 engines (synonymous with the F-TYPE) in 450PS and 575PS forms (respectively), these cars will appeal to those looking for speed, style and substance in a new vehicle. And Jaguar does not disappoint.

Available for ordering earlier this year, the company is turning heads (yet again) with its design prowess and automotive excellence. Here are five reasons why you may want to get behind the wheel of these two F-TYPE special editions this spring.

Chic style and design

overhead image of carFor starters, the new Giola Green metallic (one of the many colors available) is a head-turner, and it is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the great detail paid to both interior and exterior design elements. Fully customizable in color and interior accents, drivers can add their own style and personality to every aspect of the car.

Those familiar with the line’s sports vehicles will notice some discreet changes to these special edition cars like the grill badge and wheel centers sporting a black instead of red hue. Another color swap is found in the R and R-Dynamic badge accent colors that are now black and grey instead of the previous red and green.

sports carOn the F-TYPE 75, its two-seat configuration creates a sleek and compact frame that is created from light and stiff aluminum. The slim LED headlights and longer direction indicators serve as a subtle reminder of the cars’ speed potential. The sweptback “clamshell bonnet” top of the car gives it a traditional, almost retro, look.

Both have rear haunches that slope elegantly downward toward the rear LED lights. They have a “Chicane” signature and powertrain-specific exhaust pipes. The F-TYPE 75 has a gloss back, five-spoke design. The F-TYPE R 75 has a gloss black diamond-turned 10-spoke design.


car throttleWith Jaguar making the bold move to become a purely electric brand in 2025, this is one of the last opportunities for those with the need for that vroom-vroom adrenaline to get their fix. Its non-electric cars will be discontinued by 2025. Jaguar’s electric I-Pace is a real winner on speed and elegance. Many will want to get in on these special editions while they can now.

The sound of either the four or eight-cylinder options have outputs ranging from 300PS to 575PS, and you can go from zero to hero on the highway in no time.

While city drivers may have less of a need for such a sensation, automotive fans immediately recognize this unmistakable Jaguar hallmark. The pulsing red-color start button acts as the heart beat of this speed-thirsty vehicle.

drivers seatInside, the 12.3-inch reconfigurable interactive driver display reveals a wealth of data that can be displayed in a variety of themes. The engine spin center console finisher and stainless steel tread plates have a distinctive silhouette motif. The media system saw a redesign with a fully digital instrument display offering either single or double dials as well as a larger map display.

jaguar logoThe British-designed engines have an eight-speed quick shift transmission offering full manual control using either the sport shift gear selector or the steering wheel-mounted paddles. The excellent throttle response is a hallmark of these engines. The F-TYPE R 75 and V8 option for the F-TYPE 75 come with an all-wheel drive engine. It goes from zero to 60 mph in just 3.5 seconds. Its maximum speed is electronically limited to 186 mph.

The familiar crackle and pop on the overrun is notable with each engine matching to a switchable active exhaust system. There’s also a quiet start option as part of the V8 benefit.


car on curving roadThe car responds with ease to drivers no matter the road’s design from curving and hilly roads to straight-shot highways. You’ll feel every input from the driver’s seat within a fraction of a second. Isn’t that the beloved thrill of a luxury sports car? The 20-inch wheels are smooth on the road. They’re also quick to the touch and more streamlined to the eye than ever before. The F-TYPE R 75 model adds the option for forged wheels. It comes with wider, bespoke Pirelli P Zero tires for maximum grip. It can also be configured with Jaguar’s “carbon ceramic matrix” braking system.

drivers seat convertibleDouble wishbone front and rear suspension and electric power-assisted steering give drivers a true connection to the road. This is only enhanced by the torque vectoring by braking. The rear knuckles of light, stiff aluminum die castings and larger wheel bearings help to create greater precision control. On the F-TYPE R 75, the revised upper ball joints increase the camber and toe stiffness.

Both models have a rear electronic active differential that helps optimize traction. The rear-drive feel and handling balance is evident thanks to the torque on-demand all-wheel drive system. It has “intelligent driveline dynamics” technology. This comes standard on the F-TYPE R 75, and it is an add-on for the standard model.

sports carThe rear-drive options will get around 17 miles per gallon (mpg) during city driving and about 24 mpg on the highway while the all-wheel drive model drops that to about 16 mpg.

Jaguar’s “adaptive dynamics system with configurable dynamics” uses electronically-controlled, continuously-variable dampers to optimize both low-speed comfort and high-speed control, key for those that have a dual use for these cars. The configurable dynamics enable the driver to also adjust for suspension stiffness, steering weight, throttle response and gear shifts.

These cars are only available in automatic model; the manual cars are now discontinued.


car interiorPassengers relax in a pair of lightweight, slimline seats fitted with designer Windsor leather in custom colors and a crafted monogram stitch pattern. For those that choose an extended leather upgrade, the same accents appear in the trim. Both models have an ebony suede cloth headliner. Heating and cooling options for the seat come standard making this car ideal for any season in either hemisphere.

All of them come with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay compatibility. The pedestrian detection system is a real win for those with frequent city driving. Other features include lane-keeping assistance, automatic emergency braking and adaptive cruise control. Those come standard. There are options to tack on like parallel parking assistance and blind-spot monitoring.

For practicality purposes, these cars have more trunk space than your average convertible, which comes as a pleasant surprise.

The legend

leather seat convertibleAs Jaguar goes fully electric, these special edition cars are an homage to the line’s 75-year history of creating memories for car owners. They will surely be something to treasure and care for over the years.

In 1948, Jaguar launched the XK120, the world’s fastest production car. It continues its legacy and heritage today with two glamorous special editions. The brand’s signature and poster-worthy F-TYPE is a customer favorite. These two special editions are a fitting way to end its 75-year traditional engine run.