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5 Reasons to Try Out the Jaguar F-Pace SVR Edition 1988

5 Reasons to Try Out the Jaguar F-Pace SVR Edition 1988



The limited-edition remake of the Jaguar F-Pace SVR Edition 1988 is for the tried-and-true Jaguar fans. If you’re looking for the utmost in recognizable, retro luxury, this is it. The British carmaker decided to remake the Silk cut-designed car (well, only 394 of them as a limited-edition model). Jaguar wants to honor the car’s 1988 win along the Circuit de la Sarthe in the Le Mans 24 Hours race. It is also helping to reignite the brand’s motor sport heritage, one that many luxury car owners value.

This remake rekindles the sporty nature of the brand for auto fans. At least for those who can afford the $110,000 price tag. And for such a limited edition, many auto fans will jump at the chance. They’ll need to act fast though as only a select number is being made available per market.

JaguarWhile this car is no different from the standard F-Pace SVR, there are some attributes that deserve attention. Here are five of the best reasons why you should act fast to get this limited-edition, sporty Jaguar F-Pace SVR Edition 1988.

The color

JaguarWhile this may seem trivial to some, the color options include the attractive purple hue that buyers can select. Its midnight amethyst hue is quite distinctive. In certain light, it displays and reflects the sun with a bright and sharp purple color. In the shade or dimmer light, it appears to have a much darker color. Either way, this car is a head turner, for sure.

It’s not just the purple that grabs your attention. There’s the option to add satin gold-finished alloy tire accents to the 22-inch tires making the whole thing really pop with color and style. Inside the car, there are similar bursts of gold that remind you of the gold Jaguar logo. This helps to bring forward that sense of luxury and commemoration of a heritage brand.

JaguarWith satin gold 22-inch wheels, you’re sure to turn heads, and the bespoke badging on the front wings adds to the experience. Inside, the leather upholstery and satin gold trim pieces continue the luxe experience. Its fender badging shows a unique Edition 1988 design made specifically for this car.

The engine

JaguarWith a 5.0-liter, supercharged V8 petrol engine with an eight-speed automatic transmission that can rev up to 550 hp, this car is no joke. You can go from 0 to 62mph in just four seconds with top speeds on the car reaching almost 178mph. For those willing to fork over for this rare treasure, it may seem risky to put it to such a test on American roads. But, isn’t that the point?

In fact, Jaguar’s team decided to make only a proportionate amount available to its different geographic regions. This assures that its most loyal customers are likely to be the only one to have such a bespoke treasure.

JaguarIt’s a sporty and versatile car that can reach max speed limits fast. The car can navigate sharp turns efficiently without being too jerky or overwhelming. It may seem a bit top-heavy to some people, but others may like that energetic feeling of riding high and fast.

The way it easily glides across curving corner roads cements its race-car status vibes. But, it fits any city-center or coastal drive with aplomb. With active all-wheel-drive capability, you can push this car to the limits and still feel safe on some of those curvy clifftop roads. That’s also where the electronic power assisted steering and four-piston, fixed-caliper front brakes really show its benefits here.

The interior

JaguarI loved the 3-D camera that showed me where I was going and my position when driving within the close quarters of French cities where I tested out the car. A sliding panoramic glass roof permitted plentiful natural light. For passengers, the 11.4-inch Pivi Pro entertainment system is another great option to keep them busy. Although it’s hard to not just enjoy the scenery whizzing by on a jaunt in this exceptional sport vehicle. For those that must be immersed in their own tunes, there’s nothing to worry about here. There is Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, which can easily be integrated into the drive. Wireless charging is another thoughtful inclusion.

No matter how long the drive or the local weather, you can customize the seat temperature with settings for heating and cooling to keep passengers comfortable. If you’re taking the family along on a road trip, there is plenty of trunk space. This helps to accommodate extra luggage or loads of picnic and wine baskets, too.

JaguarA unique plaque on the inside of the car reminds its occupants of the special nature of this bespoke, limited-run remake. It’s that special SV Bespoke and Edition 1988 branding that sets this car apart.

The moment

JaguarIf you’re looking for something that really wows, this car is it. With a top speed that reaches 178 mph, you can really floor it. I tested out the car in the Champagne region of France where the world was my oyster. On some country roads, we could hit top speeds. On others, we were winding through small towns so we stayed within the expected limits.

Still, it only really shines when you give it the backdrop it deserves, and no, that is not the corporate park garage. Imagine this car in a gorgeous setting like the stunning hillside perches of the Santa Barbara area. Or what about the glorious (and endless) vineyards of the French Champagne and southern wine regions?

There is a reason that only 394 cars are being built. It’s to honor the number of laps the car completed in its infamous race.

The future

JaguarThe brand is not just looking to recapture its luxurious past, but also engage with the changing demands of the customer of the future. It is planning to move in an all-electric direction with the current F-Pace plug-in hybrid. That is sure to please customers looking for that ideal nexus between luxury and sustainability. There is a marriage between luxury and sustainability that will please those looking for the best car European car experience. Jaguar delivers ten-fold, but the best is yet to come.