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5 Reasons To Discover New Range Rover Velar And Evoque SUVs

5 Reasons To Discover New Range Rover Velar And Evoque SUVs

Jaguar Land Rover is always on the move when it comes to reinventing and reinvigorating its product line. The most recent refresh to its instantly recognizable Range Rover Velar and Range Rover Epoque SUVs have the automotive world abuzz and consumers excited for these cars in 2024. In fact, this is the only automobile that was ever showcased in the Louvre in Paris. In 1971, it was put on display as a masterpiece of industrial design and a work of art.

Range Rover Evoque

These days, the car has evolved with the times including all models going completely electric starting in 2024. You will find that they have many of the same reliable features as before, but with some notable updates and as many as 400 customizable features. Here’s what you need to know about these innovative new vehicles and five reasons why you will want to check them out.


Range Rover Velar

Modern luxury is the focus here with a sleek look that appeals to both urban dwellers and families equally. Customers often cite its style as well as the brand image that comes from Range Rover as top reasons for purchase.

Both inside and out, the new design is proof of the level of detail and thought that goes into creating these vehicles. A new grill design and floating roof give the head-on view of the car a sleek look. On the sides, the door handles are flush with the exterior of the car, only extending out when you touch them.

That same head-on appearance is enhanced thanks to new headlights for improved visibility. At the back of the car, a lower rear bumper and dark accents continue the same look while enhancing the lengthy proportions of this vehicle. New LED tail lights have a 3D appearance with bright red illumination and a full-length, high-level stop lamp.

Designers pay particular attention to the color designs, and according to the company, it can take as many as four years to fully design a new hue. But, customers can also have a say. If they find a color that they particularly like, they can have the vehicle customized just for them in that shade. Among the most popular colors are black and white, the latter most common in warm weather climates. Of course the late Queen of England had her own model of dark green Range Rover, which is also a customer favorite.

There are three new interior color options available this year: cloud, raven blue and deep garnet. Two new exterior colors join the line up with metallic varesine blue and premium metallic zadar grey. Other additions that can be made include chrome accents on the steering wheel, center console and air vents plus wood veneer trims.

The lighting system has 30 variations to create an interior look that suits every mood or time of day. This additional option illuminates everything from the doors to the foot well.

Among the four U.S. models in this category are Velar P250 S, P250 Dynamic SE, P400 Dynamic SE and P400 Dynamic HSE. They range in cost from $61,500 to $84,795 respectively.

Range Rover Evoque

This car is especially popular for those in urban markets (given its size), and nearly two thirds of its customers are female. Following the same principles of the Velar model, Range Rover Evoque has its own exterior redesign including an updated grill and extra-slim headlights for a sleeker appearance. Its exterior is similar with a floating roof and flush door handles. Inside, the same 11.4-inch, curved touchscreen (similar to other Range Rover models) provides the latest in technological capabilities while freeing up space inside the cabin for personal belongings.

Ideal for city driving, the redesigned exterior and interior makes this a head-turning drive. The coupe-like body and new grill (that now unifies it with other Range Rover models) show off the latest personality for this car.

A new gear shifter for automatic transmission vehicles provides an updated tactile design. The cabin benefits from a panoramic roof as well as new accent features like the technical light anodized or dark anodized aluminum trims (depending on the vehicle).

New color palette options include Arroios grey, Tribeca blue and Corinthian bronze with contrasting roof colors in either Corinthian bronze or Narvik black. There is also the option for one of eight alloy wheel designs as large as 21 inches and five new finishes.

Among the two U.S. models in this category are Evoque 5 and Dynamic SE with a P250 Ingenium powertrain.


Range Rover Velar

The interiors have been updated with a smooth, minimalist look that starts with an expanded floating 11.4-inch curved glass touchscreen (similar to what is found in other Range Rover models) that reduces the cluttered look of a traditional dashboard. Instead, just one touch of the button allows drivers to swipe through various screens and monitor the controls and onboard features. It is also positioned higher for easier reach for the driver and to help minimize distraction.

This is the first vehicle to feature the innovative Pivi Pro infotainment system. Always on the screen are the controls for air conditioning, volume and seat controls. When starting the car, an introduction screen provides access to controls for things like window defrosting, navigation systems and seat heating. Designers spent a great deal of time with human testing to assure that the buttons were functional and easy to use. They found that 80% of the car’s functions can be controlled within two button taps. It is also easy to pair your phone using Bluetooth capability or wireless Apple CarPlay functionality.

Using active road noise canceling technology and a premium Meridian sound system, the interior cabin is incredibly quiet. While some may miss the sound of a revving engine, the driver experience is much more calm and relaxed. By sensing external frequencies, the system automatically processes an anti-noise system inside the cabin to reduce exterior sound.

A new cabin air filtration system is also an optional add-on that uses an advanced filtration system for a cleaner cabin. It is activated at the touch of the button. The system can remove allergens, bacteria, odors and harmful pathogens from the air flow. In addition, there are four temperature-controlled zones allowing each passenger to manage their own environment.

Range Rover Evoque

The car has many of the same features that Velar has. There is also a built-in Amazon Alexa option for fast answers to any question or need and a wireless Android Auto technology. All of the same infotainment and design options in the tech category are available on this model. There is also a sophisticated camera system with 3D surround view and rear view features. Air purification, noise reduction, stability control and responsive suspension systems are also all in place.


Range Rover Velar

The Ingenium gas engines come with six-cylinder P400 power. This gives it the capability of a mild hybrid electric vehicle for optimal performance. At any speed and crossing over any bump, the advanced chassis and suspension system assure a smooth ride. But, some say that the experience is less sporty than what you might find in other SUVs.

An optional feature is the electronic air suspension system that can sense bumps up ahead and vary the damping forces of each wheel. There is even a calibration system for off-road driving. An all-wheel drive option for various road conditions including slippery surfaces.

Next-gen engines use 48-volt MHEV technology for better efficiency and power. Impressively, the belt integrated starter generator also can harvest energy from lost from deceleration to use later for a more sustainable drive. It is stored in a 48-volt lithium-ion battery.

The three-liter straight-six Ingenium gas engine can rack up a speed of zero to 60mph in 5.2 seconds. The two-liter, four-cylinder option can reach the same speed in 7.1 seconds. All models come with all-wheel drive.

Range Rover Evoque

The engines on this dramatic and impressive car can reach a speed of zero to 60mph in 7 seconds.


Range Rover Velar and Range Rover Evoque

Range Rover Evoque in Corinthian Bronze

In both vehicles, buyers have the option to choose a leather-free cabin for a more sustainable interior. This involves using Kvadrat wool blends and polyurethane textile to achieve the same elegant look in a vegan fashion. The company notes that this is a growing trend among its buyers around the world. The lightweight fabric shows off a new diamond herringbone perforation pattern.

The details

Range Rover Velar and Range Rover Evoque

The company puts its seat fabric and leather through incredibly durability testing. This is to assure that it remains in excellent condition throughout the life of the vehicle. It puts it through 60,000 cycles of abrasion testing. That’s the equivalent of ten years of use. It also does UV testing to simulate at least three years of exposure to the sun to avoid fading.

Notable for those that tote a lot when driving around, these vehicles have more cargo space than other SUVs in its competitive set.

A new wireless device charging station was added to the center console. For those with a data plan, the car is also equipped with Wi-Fi capability. No matter where you take these cars, supreme quality and an elegantly modern design are assured.