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4 Colorado Adventures to Try This Summer

4 Colorado Adventures to Try This Summer


Summer is not canceled, and summertime in Colorado is beautiful. With COVID-19 still prominent in the US, the best places to travel are open, airy, and spacious, with minimal human contact. Colorado is the perfect socially-distancing vacation spot, with a plethora of activities to help you enjoy the rich abundances of nature. If you are looking for new things to try, follow this guide for four activities to kick up your summer and see all that this beautiful state has to offer.



Mountain Exploration

You can’t talk about Colorado without talking about the Rockies. Whether the heights of Pike’s Peak, the or the stark beauty of the Flatirons trying to see all that the mountains offer can be a challenge. Fortunately, there is a variety of fun and adventurous ways to get the most out of your mountain adventures. You can start with Colorado zipline adventures for a unique view of the Rockies. Or challenge yourself by hiking some of the trails that run through Rocky Mountain National Park. Mountain climbers from around the globe flock here for the challenge.


River Rafting

The Colorado landscape is full of picturesque rivers and canyons which fill the landscape. No matter your skill level that are rafting spots that can match it. Whether you want to challenge yourself with some white-water rapids or drift lazily down a river with beautiful canyon walls surrounding you, there are is something for every skill level here. If you are worried about whether you are ready, you can always hire a professional guide to take you on any river you’re interested in trying.


Desert Star Gazing

Colorado may be famous for its mountains; however, you may be surprised that it is home to deserts as well. The Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve is a beautiful landmark in the Southern region of the state. Home to activities including sand sledding, hiking, and splashing in the creeks. However, it is at night when this park truly lights up to the crowds. Due to its location, stsrgazers gather here to see the milky way as it brightens the night sky. To help you plan your trip, check out the weather and moon schedule beforehand.

High Altitude Swimming

After all of your adventures, finding the perfect spot to relax and cool off is needed. Thankfully, Colorado is home to some amazing beaches to give you a break from your vacation. What truly sets these beaches apart are the mountain views that serve as the backdrop to these beautiful spots. Colorado is full of rivers and lakes to give you a variety of options of where to swim.

No matter where you begin your Colorado adventure, there are plenty of activities to try.