Consumer Reports, and others, review the new Lexus hybrid HS 250h:

At a recent New York introduction, Consumer Reports Senior Auto Test Engineer Gabe Shenhar and I had a chance to drive the new Lexus HS 250h hybrid, the brand’s first four-cylinder model. It’s designed for hybrid buyers who want a little more luxury without giving up great fuel economy. And for entry-level luxury car buyers who want a car with better fuel economy. So far, the HS is in a class of its own. – from Consumer Reports

The new HS 250h is a first for Lexus as the smallest hybrid in their lineup. A capable performer that easily achieves their claimed mileage goals, it could probably go much further at the hands of a hypermiler. It shows off what is becoming the new face of the brand, and will be an important step for those craving “responsible luxury” without sacrificing ride quality and amenities. About as efficient as the diesel-fueled Audi A4 2.0 TDI or BMW 325d that don’t make the trip across the pond, the HS will no doubt appeal greatly to those who value the hybrid badge and the Lexus label above all else. – from Leftlane