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2009 Rolex Daytona White Gold With Diamonds

2009 Rolex Daytona White Gold With Diamonds

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Wow is all we have to say.

Oh Rolex, how swiftly you bounce from impressive diving tools to fashion watches. The new Sea Dweller Deep Sea was a beautiful thing with the fit and finish a king could enjoy. Then you gave us new Submariners and a larger Datejust, and now you return to your love of bling. There was a while when the Rolex Daytona was “the” watch to own. Waiting lists, VIP treatmets, pricing over retail. It was a delight to Rolex, and a pain for the consumer. Then the inventory started to catch up with the demand. Will the myth of the Rolex Daytona ever be the same? Hard to say. Well Rolex is trying to keep the line sexy, and this new version in not only in white gold, but also diamond studded. Enough diamonds to almost blind your vision from sparkle trauma. – From James List