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1928 Ford Firetruck

1928 Ford Firetruck

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We found this looking around on James List and just couldn’t resist because it’s so much fun.

We’ve really gotten our hands grubby this time. In our neverending quest of finding the quirkiest things in the deep caves of JamesList, the bounty proved to really be something this time. Not your run-of-the-mill supercar, diamond-studded Swiss watch or luxurious yacht, but rather something far more rough-and-ready yet extremely elegant. The latest object of our desires is something as extraordinary 1928 fire truck from Ford, from a time where the American company still was riding the wave after basically being instrumental to the entire industrial revolution. How often to you stumble upon a business that can make such claims? The beauty of the truck, apart from the lovely pre-war aesthetic that harks back to a time of art deco, speakeasies, Cab Calloway and Al Capone, is that it was actually in service for a long time in America, rather than sitting in storage. It has since been bought by a Dutch collector and was meticulously restored and mechanically rebuilt to its original specs. Why wasn’t I driven to school in this as a kid? To own this glorious piece of history, you’re just going to have to come up with €85,000 and a generous parking space. – From James List