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Dot Marc Jacobs Fragrance Unveiled

It’s press day! The Pursuitist was invited to the official unveiling of the Dot Marc Jacobs Fragrance. Marc Jacobs and WWD’s Bridget Foley were on hand at the showroom for the premiere of the new fragrance Dot. The fresh perfume continues the cheerful game of petals decorated by modern and characteristic falcons of the Jacobs collection. Polka dots embellish red petals and a ball on the cap, which looks like ladybug in the heart of a flower. From the press day event, here’s some highlights from Marc on the new Fragrance:

“Dots are a timeless pattern, a charm, and an eternal energy I’ve always loved,” Marc said. “It’s the idea of something exhuberant, eclectic, sophisticated…”

Marc also commended on photographer Juergen Teller, who shot the campaign (below): “We’ve worked together over the years & he captures a spirit in a very raw way.”

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