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YouTube Leanback introduced

YouTube Leanback introduced

Alex Carter

In anticipation of Google TV, YouTube is preparing content for your TV screen. YouTube Leanback is designed to start playing a personalized feed of videos in full screen and in high definition as soon as you launch it. You don’t have to use Google TV to use Leanback. It will work on any PC and any browser, and it’s worth playing around with. Catch out the demo about, our try it out at: http://www.youtube.com/leanback

Additionally, here’s Danny Sullivan review and demo:

“It was a pretty nice experience. I was sitting on a couch while playing with the new system, and I really did start to lean back and just surf my way through various YouTube clips in the way I might channel flip at home. It did feel like it helped transform YouTube from an internet-thing to a regular TV thing, given how easily it put YouTube up on a regular television. I already own a non-Google TV Samsung Blu-ray player that its YouTube-capable. Through it, I can download video from YouTube and watch it on my regular TV. The Samsung has no keyboard, like the Sony TV has, so finding content is harder. The Leanback interface itself was also much nicer.” – read more from Danny Sullivan

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