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You’ll Never Guess Which City Is Most Expensive This Summer

You’ll Never Guess Which City Is Most Expensive This Summer

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We’re now in the thick of summer travel season, and the question for luxe-lovers and budget seekers often arises — what really is the best place to go in the warm weather months?

We talked with travel booking site Hipmunk, which just released data on hotel prices during their first annual Seasonal Hotel Price Index, and got some valuable insight to help with your travel planning. Whether you’re looking for a steal or just trying to evaluate what makes a “good” deal, this information is a nice planning baseline.

Wine country getaways, particularly Sonoma ($417 average / night) and Napa ($338) are the most expensive, followed by always sunny cities like Santa Barbara ($311) and Key West ($305).

Seattle ($302) isn’t a shock, as it offers just a few months of nice weather each year, nor are cities like Newport, number nine on the list, at an average $292 per night.

Some cities, however, like Sedona ($249 average, ranked #17) do surprise us — it’s HOT in the desert in the summer, particularly when its nearby luxury-loving sister city, Sedona, ranks in as the #1 least expensive place to travel at 64% below winter rates and an average price of just $97 per night.

You can also get a steal in Miami, which averages 58% below winter rates.

Ski cities, like Breckenridge, Colorado, are also a deal, at 56% below normal rates, as well as Salt Lake City, 16% below normal rates.

See the full list, here.