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Yohan Blake – The $500,000 Watch Wearing Olympic Runner

Yohan Blake – The $500,000 Watch Wearing Olympic Runner

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While the world may have focused all its attention on Usain Bolt, it’s another Jamaican with his love for luxe that has got our attention. Yohan Blake, a man who is a champion in his own right was recently spotted wearing a $500,000 watch while running.

This event by itself would not be surprising. After all Olympians are often seen wearing their sponsors merchandise. But wearing a half a million dollar watch while sprinting down the arena in an Olympic semi-final qualifier? I am fairly certain that this has to be a first.

The watch in question appears to be a Richard Mille Tourbillon. Unfortunately, we don’t have any more details as of now and in accordance with Olympic rules, the ‘official’ announcement can’t take place until three days after the closing ceremony. What we do have are plenty of photographs. The watch costs an astounding $500,000. Whether it will be a special edition of an existing version or an entirely new watch is something only Richard Mille will be able to tell us.

Fellow Jamaican Usain Bolt meanwhile prefers Hublot.

For those who are wondering about the result of the race; Blake managed to run the 100 meters in 9.85 seconds and qualified for the finals (which were subsequently won by Usain Bolt). One wonders if Blake may have shaved a few milliseconds off if he ran without the watch ? I am not even sure if he wore the watch in the finals.

What do you readers reckon? Does it make sense to wear a watch in a race that lasted 9.85 seconds?

Photo courtesy – Watchuseek

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