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xBox One: Human Control For Human Experiences

xBox One: Human Control For Human Experiences

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Probably the hottest subjects these days, the brand new xBox One has been finally brought to our attention. Everybody seemed excited and enthusiastic about the latest xBox related rumours and honestly, they had every reason to be so.

We’ve heard about xBox 720, 8, Fusion or Infinity and we are almost sure you’ve heard these names too. But we never saw this coming: One. Simple, easy, precious. The steaming hot xBox One enables human control for human experiences. As Microsoft explained during the presentation, the console responds quickly and naturally to your vocal commands. It listens you even when it’s turned off. The console uses the new Kinect which has the ability to read your heartbeat or to recognise individual voices.

As Don Mattrick, the President of the Interactive Entertainment Business at Microsoft explained, xBox One is not just a gaming console to play bingo for cash games, but “the ultimate all-in-one home entertainment system”, aiming to replace the previous model. The new xBox comes with a couple of new facilities. The system can switch between games, films or television and can access even the web. Of course, you can run simultaneously games and movies , in its “Snap mode”. It features Skype, so basically you can call your friends while you’re in the middle of the game, without distracting yourself too much. The brand new “Trending” feature is also very interesting (it shows you what’s popular in terms of movies, games or music). xBox One is a little bit sleeker but bigger than xBox 360 and it features a “liquid black” colour.

Now let’s get to the xBox One’s new architecture. The all-in-one entertainment system features an 8 core CPU, 500GB HDD (the storage can be expanded using high speed USB3.0 ports), 8 GB system memory and Blu-ray drive. With all these updates and new goodies, who doesn’t want to purchase the new xBox?!