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Wynn Las Vegas Is Home To Nevada’s Only Authorized Ferrari Dealership

Wynn Las Vegas Is Home To Nevada’s Only Authorized Ferrari Dealership

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What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas and some things are just exclusive to Wynn Las Vegas, like Nevada’s only authorized Ferrari dealership. Located inside the spectacular Five Star Wynn Las Vegas resort on the Las Vegas Strip, Penske Wynn Ferrari is Nevada’s only factory-authorized Ferrari dealership.ferrari_california_tFerrari fans and auto enthusiasts can step inside the resort and explore the showroom filled with classics to new models in a luxurious environment. The dealership sells new Ferrari vehicles throughout the U.S. and Canada. Apart from the shining new prancing horses, they also have a great selection of used Ferraris and Certified Pre-Owned Ferraris in their showroom, including the Ferrari California, the 458 Italia, the F430 Spider, and many more.

ferrariThe Penske-Wynn Ferrari showroom inside Wynn Las Vegas is a two storey paradise for Ferrari buffs. Boasting of floor-to-ceiling windows, the first floor also features a spacious walkway which allows visitors and clients to admire and read about each car at leisure.Penske_Wynn_Ferrari_showroom_2The second floor opens up to bigger collection and puts on display the workers operating on the cars in the garage. Also the showroom, like any other noteworthy sight-seeing destination, allows visitors to click pictures with the cars on display, but of course for a price. Personal cameras are not allowed in the premises.Penske_Wynn_Ferrari_showroom_1Apart from the roaring red, black and white prancing horses on the wheels, the showroom also offers a fine selection of memorabilia which includes everything from stuff for men, women and kids to gift items like a chess set, driving gloves, jewelry with the signature Ferrari horse emblem and model cars.Penske_Wynn_Ferrari_showroomThe Penske-Wynn Ferrari showroom rubs shoulder with luxurious brands like Alexander McQueen, Cartier, Chanel, Chopard, Dior, Louis Vuitton and the likes at  Wynn Esplanade.

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