Cannes Film Festival 2015 has been witness to much more than just films. We have already read about the launch of the world’s most expensive cookbook at the event. This is followed by the sale of world’s most expensive vodka and caviar at the event’s charity auction. Dartz_russobaltique-vodka-imperial-prix-1912-caviar-2015-cannes-film-festival_2Dartz offered up for sale its RussoBaltique line of vodka, as featured in the hit show House Of Cards as well as its RussoBaltique Imperial Prix 1912 brand caviar, considered to be among the finest and most expensive in the world. The private Latvian-based company, renowned for high performance armored vehicles, had taken part in the auction at the Cannes Film Festival to support a good cause.Dartz_russobaltique-vodka-imperial-prix-1912-caviar-2015-cannes-film-festival_1At the auction, a bottle of the vodka plus a case of the caviar finally went for 125,000 euros (about $139,000). Dartz claims that this amount was more expensive than many of the luxury cars on display in Cannes.Dartz_russobaltique-vodka-imperial-prix-1912-caviar-2015-cannes-film-festivalDartz states that RussoBaltique Vodka is not made from ubergrains, nor is it filtered with coal, silver or gold. It’s pure military spirit mixed with crystal clear alpine water. The over-the-top feature is that it’s diamond filtered, plus a natural diamond filter is implemented in bottle.

Dartz Via Motor Authority