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World’s Most Expensive T-shirt Unveiled by UNICEF

World’s Most Expensive T-shirt Unveiled by UNICEF

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Justin and Christine Gignac have just surpassed the record for the world’s most expensive T-shirt, held until recently by designer Daniel J (his T-shirt was apprised at $50,000). Produced by UNICEF, in collaboration with the artist-designers mentioned above, the T-shirt was especially created in order to raise funds for charity and is part of a very special collection that will help countries like Somalia, Kenya, Ethiopia, and Dijbouti.

The prices for the products in this incredible collection vary from $$18.57 to $300,000, and each T-shirt comes with an element painted on the front. The person who buys a certain item can take pride in providing that particular object/utility for the children in less developed countries: “We believe people are generally altruistic, but giving people a badge for being altruistic certainly doesn’t hurt. We’re literally letting people wear their donation as a source of pride and as a means to spread the word. If friends get a little competitive over who’s being more altruistic, all the better.”- asserted the executive creative director at BBH NY, Ari Weiss.

All money go to the UNICEF USA Fund, for various purposes. For example, buying a T-shirt depicting mosquitoes will help purchase Insecticide Treated Mosquito Nets ($18.57 for 3 nets) and protect against mosquito-borne malaria. The statistics are terrifying. According to UNICEF, mosquito-borne malaria is the third largest killer of children in the world, with approximately 90 percent of these deaths occurring in Africa. About 2,000 children die every day from a mosquito bite. A simple mosquito net can decrease infection rates by 50 percent.

The cargo flight is valued at $300,000 and is the most expensive product in the collection. An ingenious idea, and one that is very easy to popularize.

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