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World’s 5 Most Expensive Ski Resorts – Let It Snow!

World’s 5 Most Expensive Ski Resorts – Let It Snow!

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When the year comes to an end and the snow starts to fall, the most awaited winter ritual apart from having hot chocolate is hitting the slopes for skiing! People all over the world travel to snow-covered hills, but if you don’t want to ski with novices and dream of escaping to a winterland of luxury-  select one (and that will be the difficult part!) from our curated list of the 5 most expensive ski resorts in the world. These ski resorts have established themselves over decades to cater to their guests’ every desire with world-class amenities and services. Let’s take a look at some of the most pricey peaks to ski down from:

#5. Almhof Schneider Resort


Where: Lech, Austria.
How much: $1,666 per night.
Almhof Schneider offers excellent fresh cuisines from the Austrian culture served at the resort’s restaurant, world-class spa facilities as well as one of the cosiest and luxurious suites located at the centre of the Arlberg Ski area. Almhof even has personal winter sports instructors ready to teach all you newbies the tricks of the trade! Do try their famous caviar, one of the most expensive but also the most delicious items on their menu.

#4. Carlton Hotel


Where: St.Mortiz, Switzerland.
How much: $3,310 per night.
Carlton Hotel is over a 100 years old which means it is definitely doing everything right to attract guests despite their high-end prices. Carlton is heritage site for skiers offering the best skiing adventures and magnificent suites in Switzerland. The resort’s suites overlook the picturesque Upper Engadine and the St Moritz Lake, making it a perfect blend for adrenaline junkies and peace-seekers.

#3. Suvretta House Resort


Where: St.Mortiz, Switzerland.
How much: $3,595 per night.
Suvretta House resort takes pride in having the most modern ski centre featuring heated lockers, a ski shop equipped with the latest skiing gear and a skiing school for guests who are new to the sport and want to take their ride down the hill. A lot of people get caught up in the view from their rooms and the dining hall, often making them far too busy gazing outside to even enjoy skiing. Bring your tuxedo along to eat at the dinner at their winter ball!

#2. Aurelio Lech Ski Resort


Where: Lech, Austria.
How much: $6,176 per night.
The 5-star ski resort and spa lodge is nestled in Austria’s most exclusive skiing destination- Lech Arlberg. You get to enjoy the lavishness and comfort offered by world-class hotels coupled with the grandeur and ambience of a splendid private residence featuring stunning mountain views. To give the guests a complete royal treatment, there are butlers at every corner ready to cater to all your needs. The only way the stay could be more luxurious is if the ski lift started from the patio of your hotel room!

#1. Les Suites de la Potiniere

le suites de la potiniere

Where: Courchevel, France.
How much: $10,295 per night.
Our last snowy destination is located in France and happens to be the most expensive ski resort in the world! The resort is located in Courchevel, one of the most exclusive skiing spots in France. The luxurious suites, world-class restaurant and spas that making self-indulgence seem sinful put the Les Suites de la Pointiere on top of the list in terms of luxury, amenities and price. It truly provides the most superior services and your stay will be nothing less than perfection. This holiday ski resort will definitely make your trip as pristine as the white snow on their hills.

Make sure that you keep yourself and your bank account warmer during your frozen fantasy holiday this winter!