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World’s Most Expensive Briefcase

World’s Most Expensive Briefcase

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Some serious personalization here with a custom-made carbon fiber briefcase to match your car.

Industrial design engineer Beau Reid has a new notion in the making with his custom-made carbon fiber briefcase to match your vehicle specs – your briefcase should reflect your car’s personality. This is all happening in his company called Dynamic Innovations, where each briefcase is custom made to match the consumer’s automobile with paint and interior. – From Luxuo

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  • Ok, I love carbon fiber, but the price tag on some of these carbon fiber products is insane, 13k for a breifcase? When you can get a carbon fiber vented hood for a car for $400USD. That breifcase better be dry carbon and the highest quality for such a demanding price. Also, not the kind of briefcase to be showing off in a 3rd world airport! This reminds me of the outrageous amounts of money women spend on purses, it’s sorta like the same thing except for men in this case.

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