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Women more inclined to go green

Women more inclined to go green

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Here’s a great report for the Vancouver Sun, discussing how women, over men, are more likely to go green when picking their auto.

Women are turning to more eco-friendly vehicles this fall, according to an automotive expert, as the range of models and features expands. “Women are looking to be more green,” says Jody DeVere, president of the Women’s Automotive Association International. “Women are going to be looking for those models where they’re going to help the environment and get the best fuel economy.” For women looking for class and luxury, the Cadillac CTS — voted 2008 Motor Trend Car of the Year — will not disappoint. “It’s pure indulgence on every level,” said DeVere. “Women are just as passionate about their vehicles as men are.” Karen Jamison couldn’t agree more. “There’s so many myths about women and cars like we don’t know how to drive or don’t care about cars. We do care about that stuff just like men,” says Jamison, who was once a partner in a dealership catering to women called Clutch by Auto One. – from Vancouver Sun