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Wolf Honey Farm

Wolf Honey Farm

Christopher Parr | Pursuitist
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In the small Wisconsin town of Baldwin, you’ll discover Wolf Honey Farm. Operated by Dale Wolf, a third generation honey producer, he learned the art of beekeeping from his father who started beekeeping at the age of eight by catching a swarm with the help of his Uncle Ben who was a beekeeper. Dale started his own operation in 1970 and is now a master beekeeper and chandler. They produce many products in addition to their quality honey gathered from bountiful fields of Western Wisconsin’s beautiful St. Croix Valley. Their mission is to produce a quality, natural and wholesome food, provide education on health benefits of honey, and to encourage public awareness to protect our habitat for bees and butterflies.

578 Hwy 63, Baldwin, WI 54002, Phone: 715-684-2095

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