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With a $250,000 Manicure – Kelly Osbourne brings the sparkle to the 2012 Emmys

With a $250,000 Manicure – Kelly Osbourne brings the sparkle to the 2012 Emmys

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Released last month by Azature (a Los Angeles based luxury jeweler) but getting press coverage only now is the black diamond nail polish that Kelly Osborne wore to the Emmy awards. Costing a whopping $250,000 , the only other person to have worn this nail polish is Jennifer Lopez.

Azature (the nail polish which bears the same name as its maker) has been created from 267 carats of crushed black diamonds and has just one tiny bottle that has been created so far. Azature does give a new meaning to the term ‘strictly limited edition’ for sure. For the rest of us commoners, Azature has come out with a $25 bottle which promises to give a similar black shine to the nails. We are quite sure though that the ‘one of a kind shine’ that Osborne managed to bring to the Emmy’s is going to prove almost impossible to replicate. Which is why we are not surprised that Kelly uploaded a photo of the bottle along with the comment that she was ‘shitting’ herself to have so much money on her nails. As mentioned in the title, Azure helped Kelly to have her nails manicured with this $250,000 polish for the Emmy Awards.

For those interested in keeping count, the Azature is indeed the current title holder of the most expensive nail polish in the world.

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