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Wine Cave Restaurant in California

Wine Cave Restaurant in California

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This Wine Cave Restaurant is part of the luxurious Calistoga Ranch Hotel in California and displays a tasteful, unusual design. Carved into a giant rock, along Lake Lommel in Napa Valley (a region famous for its wineries), this intimate location combines the pleasure of a quite meal with that of tasting a variety of refined wines.

The exterior of the restaurant is sophisticated, fit for an opulent hotel. The entrance resembles a giant arrow that allures visitors inside. The curbed stone walls give this place an original atmosphere. But contrary to popular belief, this is not your common cave-like interior, but a dynamic gathering place inspiring relaxation and fun.

Candles contribute to the originality and charm of the interiors. Present in the classic chandeliers, on the walls and on the tables, these small details are worth all the attention. There are several table arrangements available, making this place versatile and suited for both intimate, romantic encounters and slightly larger gatherings. The black and white color palette adds an elegant touch. Barrels and wooden boxes were used as storage units for the Wine Room, a place only reserved to the connoisseurs.

For details and reservation, check out the official website of Calistoga Ranch Hotel in California here.