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WilliamsWarn Personal Brewery

WilliamsWarn Personal Brewery

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Kiwi beer-thinkers, Ian Williams and Anders Warn, have launched (what they claim is) the world’s first personal brewing device. The WilliamsWarn is an all-in-one brewing machine capable of creating commercial-quality beer in as little as seven days.

The machine’s innovative design and patented process ensures minimal oxidation, making beer produced in the WilliamsWarn the freshest beer in the world.

“We see huge potential for the WilliamsWarn in the home, workplace, bar or cafe, not just in New Zealand but also globally,” says Ian Williams, New Zealand’s first qualified Brew Master and co-founder of WilliamsWarn.

The WilliamsWarn solves 12 of the key problems faced by home brewers, such as the carbonation process, temperature control and clarification, to make beer brewing simple and fast.

WilliamsWarn will initially be sold in New Zealand only, however there are plans for expansion throughout the rest of the world.

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