We all dream of homes that adapt to our needs and make our lives easier and more comfortable. But how about our surroundings? What can we do to improve the landscape around us and help urban and rural areas keep up with the fast-pacing design world we live in? Well, we can start by thinking about the birds that enchant our sensory world with their songs – why wouldn’t they benefit from our knowledge of beauty and functionality?

The APA Shelter for Birds by Luís Porém places the focus on contemporary hospitality design for small birds looking for temporary shelter. The Portuguese designer imagined a ceramic shelter with a hole welcoming the birds and a metal branch to sit on before resting inside. According to the designer, “I started developing this project, after received the unexpected visit of a small sparrow outside my window. At that moment I was able to admire it carefully. He showed is white chest while peeking inside the house. I wanted to open the window but he probably wouldn’t accept my invitation. “At the next visit I’ll have a place to receive you!” I thought.” Available in various colors, this cute modern bird shelter brings us closer to surrounding nature and her amazing treats.