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Wearable tech abounds at CES 2014

Wearable tech abounds at CES 2014

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This year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas has some stunning releases – the 110-inch curved TV from Samsung is an example – but wearable technology is one of the big buzzes this year. This year we’ve already seen numerous smart watches, electronic bracelets and more. Here’s a look at some of the highlights.

ces-steelwatchPebble Steel Smartwatch – This one of the best looking smart watches to hit the market. Unlike Samsung’s Galaxy Gear, this is something you could wear and not look like you’ve got a bomb strapped to your wrist. The key is to start getting more apps, but the Pebble Steel Smartwatch is looking great. $249.

Garmin Vivofit Fitness Tracker – Garmin has gotten into the wearable fitness market with the Vivofit (pictured above). While there are lots of fitness trackers on the market, the Vivofit is boasting a battery life of one year on replaceable batteries. The tracker is waterproof and comes equipped with a heart rate monitor. We also liked the Vivofit’s appearance, and the color options are a nice bonus. $130 or $170 with the heart rate monitor.

LG ELECTRONICS CANADA - LG Jumps Into Fitness Tech at CESLG Lifeband Touch – LG also gets into the fitness market with the sleek Lifeband Touch. The Lifeband Touch has one open, and flexes easily around your wrist. There are also the Heart Rate Earphones (to monitor your heart rate) that works with the device. As a bonus, the Lifeband Touch works with both iOS and Android devices.

Smart headphones, earbuds and smart watch from Intel – The folks at Intel showed off wearable devices including headphones and a headset that interact with your phone. The earbuds are designed specifically for runners. They have sensors that monitor your heart rate. The headset, named Jarvis, pairs with a personal assistant app (think Siri) on an Android phone. Intel also debuted a smart watch, which, unlike other smart watches, doesn’t need to connect with a smartphone.