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Wall Flame by Radius Design

Wall Flame by Radius Design

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What’s not to love about the Wall Flame by Radius Design. This elegant new gas fireplace puts that inviting flame right out in the open—with but a thin glass panel between you and its warming embrace. And it’s not a fire place at all… Instead, it is the opposite — as the flame is front and center… Eschewing the typical gas fireplace supply of natural gas or propane, Wall Flame runs on eco-conscious bio-ethanol.

Managing Director Michael Rösing likens the philosophy of Radius Design to a pithy quote by writer Paul Valéry: “the best in the new corresponds to an old need.” That’s Rösing’s way of suggesting that—in spite of an apparent glut of A&D products—there are yet many niches to fill. Just so, Radius Design specializes in filling these gaps by “making cultural and technological advances applicable to products.”