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Waldorf Astoria Chicago Review 2023

Waldorf Astoria Chicago Review 2023

Christopher Parr | Pursuitist
Waldorf Astoria Chicago Review

The Epitome of Luxury, Elegance, and Heritage as the Waldorf Astoria Chicago is reimagined.

Immerse yourself in an elevated luxury experience right in the heart of the Gold Coast, at the Waldorf Astoria Chicago. Having recently undergone a profound transformation, this remarkable destination encapsulates the elegance, modernity, and spirit of Chicago. A cherished member of the storied Waldorf Astoria family, the hotel pays homage to its rich heritage while embracing a renewed vision of refined indulgence, intertwining the echoes of the past with the tantalizing allure of the future.

Waldorf Astoria Chicago Review 2023

Waldorf Astoria Chicago Review 2023

This luxurious hotel has a rich history of reinvention. The property first opened its doors in 2009 as the stunning Elysian, later becoming a part of the prestigious Waldorf Astoria Hotels & Resorts. Despite the name change, little was altered – it remained a secluded, Paris-inspired hotel nestled in the Gold Coast, drawing design inspirations from fashion powerhouses Chanel and Dior. Over the years, Pursuitist has consistently placed the Waldorf Astoria Chicago at the top of our best luxury hotels in Chicago lists. However, it was time for the next evolution of the Waldorf Astoria brand in Chicago, in this iconic location.

“We share a long history with this property, as we were part of the original design team years ago,” stated Carrie Tolman, a principal with KTGY Simeone Deary Design Group, speaking about the Waldorf Astoria Chicago. “This renovation gave us an opportunity to revisit an old friend.”

Lobby Experience and Dining Delights

The transformed lobby is a testament to the Waldorf Astoria Chicago’s commitment to grandeur and comfort. The new Peacock Lounge elegantly tributes the original Peacock Alley of the brand’s New York flagship, ensuring an unforgettable lobby experience. The culinary landscape of the hotel has also evolved, with the introduction of Brass Tack and the reintroduction of the beloved Bernard’s cocktail lounge. The two venues offer an enticing mix of Midwest-sourced American cuisine and innovative cocktails, creating a haven for the discerning food connoisseur.

Waldorf Astoria Chicago Review

Waldorf Astoria Chicago Review

The Grand Suites: The Art of Accommodation

The Waldorf Astoria Chicago’s majestic transformation is epitomized in its accommodations, where the guest rooms and suites have been meticulously reimagined. The tastefully appointed rooms evoke the charm of a Parisian pied-à-terre, complete with modern elements that augment the aura of timeless luxury. The Presidential Suite and the new Astoria Suite are the crowning jewels of this transformation, offering privacy, extravagance, and a sanctuary within the city’s thriving heart.

The Spa Experience and Beyond

The award-winning Waldorf Astoria Spa & Health Club promises a rejuvenating experience, accentuated by the introduction of the Custom BR Uplift Facial, a result of their exciting partnership with renowned international brand Biologique Recherche. This commitment to premium wellness is a testament to the hotel’s endeavor to offer a holistic luxury experience.

Waldorf Astoria Chicago Review

Surroundings and Experiences

The Waldorf Astoria Chicago is surrounded by an array of world-class shops, restaurants, and attractions, including the Magnificent Mile and the Navy Pier, offering the best of Chicago right at your doorstep. Experience the city’s culinary diversity, visit iconic landmarks, or indulge in retail therapy, while your elegant retreat waits for your return.

The Waldorf Astoria Legacy

A part of the illustrious Waldorf Astoria family, the hotel carries the legacy of offering the finest hospitality, a characteristic deeply rooted in the brand’s heritage. The recent transformation has meticulously preserved the spirit of the original while introducing contemporary elements to offer an enhanced luxury experience.

A Grand Conclusion

The reimagined Waldorf Astoria Chicago is more than a hotel—it is a manifestation of the artistry in luxury. It paints a beautiful blend of history, modern aesthetics, and traditional opulence, crafting an experience that stands testament to the essence of luxury living. As you plan your next visit to the vibrant city of Chicago, consider Waldorf Astoria Chicago, a destination that ensures every moment spent within its grandeur is a treasure. At Pursuitist, we believe that luxury transcends price tags—it’s about the experience, the journey, and the memories created. In the Waldorf Astoria Chicago, you will find a canvas of unparalleled luxury and style, ensuring your journey in the Windy City is nothing short of extraordinary.

Pursuitist Final Take

The Waldorf Astoria Chicago, nestled in the city’s illustrious Gold Coast neighborhood, epitomizes romance and elegance. It curates a perfect sanctuary for those yearning for tranquility encapsulated within the grandeur of luxury. The experience is reminiscent of a European sojourn, yet firmly grounded in the delightful charm of Illinois. We unequivocally recommend the spa and fitness facilities for an invigorating and transformative indulgence. This iteration of the Waldorf Astoria is genuinely remarkable and deserves its place in the pantheon of luxury hotels.

The Waldorf Astoria Chicago, in its reimagined glory, is more than just a hotel—it encapsulates the art of luxury. It masterfully interweaves strands of history, contemporary aesthetics, and traditional opulence, shaping an experience that embodies the quintessence of luxurious living. As you plot your next rendezvous with the vibrant city of Chicago, look no further than the Waldorf Astoria Chicago, a destination that treasures each moment spent within its majestic confines.

Among Chicago’s luxury hotels, the Waldorf Astoria claims a prized spot on our list. Its compelling blend of impeccable service, stunning views, and authentic culinary adventures never fails to impress. Its design, service, and dining are an embodiment of beauty, excellence, and allure. Housing the city’s premier spa, it guarantees top-tier experiences throughout, all while maintaining an intimate boutique ambiance.

An escape to the Waldorf Astoria in Chicago promises a journey into the heart of redefined luxury. The experience is not merely a sojourn—it’s an immersion into an extraordinary world of unparalleled opulence and style, ensuring your Chicago adventure is nothing short of remarkable.


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