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Virgin Atlantic uniform gets a makeover by Vivienne Westwood

Virgin Atlantic uniform gets a makeover by Vivienne Westwood

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Fashion designers have been stepping out of their fashion houses and stores to glamorize other mundane things around, which is much appreciated. Vivienne Westwood has also teamed up with Richard Branson to shift her focus from catwalk of fashion shows to runway/aisle of Virgin Atlantic Airways.



NYMag reports that the English fashion designer has been commissioned to re-designed Virgin Atlantic uniforms for men and women. About 7,500 employees (pilots, cabin crew as well as the ground crew) will be clad in futuristic and eco-friendly uniforms. To be precise, the costumes will be made from recycled materials and the suiting fabrics will be treated with a nano finish. With emphasis on the green factor, even the bags carried by cabin crew will be shaped out of recycled materials.

Women will be dressed in an hourglass silhouette style enhanced with a jacket and pencil skirt in iconic Virgin red. The men will be suited up in burgundy wool three-piece suits.

The collaboration between the two renowned brands is expected to run for a decade. However flyers will be able to see the crew clad in designer uniforms from 2014 with a preview from June 2013 onward.

Virgin Atlantic President Richard Branson justified the makeover by saying, “our current uniform is 13 years old and over the last 13 years, it’s been copied by quite a lot of people. And we just felt it was time for change and we were extremely lucky that Vivienne Westwood agreed to work with us on it.”