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Video game allows you to be a wine tycoon

Video game allows you to be a wine tycoon

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Ah, who hasn’t wanted to throw away it all and go to the vineyards of France and make wine in the warm Mediterranean sun? Well now you can, with Wine Tycoon.

Ever fancied yourself as the next Bernard Magrez or Michel Rolland? You might not have the capital to buy a Bordeaux super second but you can put your winemaking skills to the test in a new computer game where players fight it out to become wealthy wine barons. Wine Tycoon, which goes on sale in the US next month, allows players to create vineyards in 10 of France’s most prestigious wine regions including Bordeaux, Burgundy and Champagne. Commanding operations form their ‘Château’, players have to build their winery, plant and tend to their vines throughout the year, hire staff to harvest the grapes and produce up to 50 wines from more than 40 grape varieties. – From Decanter