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Vertu Constellation Quest Carbon Fiber

Vertu Constellation Quest Carbon Fiber

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Vertu, the leading manufacturer of luxury mobile phones has launched a carbon fibre edition of its Constellation Quest handset. Engineered using high performance materials combined with luxury finishes, Constellation Quest Carbon Fibre takes its inspiration from the world of motorsport and aeronautical design.

“Constellation Quest Carbon Fibre is Vertu’s first product to combine its smartphone technology with this most contemporary of design materials, “ said Perry Oosting, Vertu President. “The result is a product that gives those customers who prefer the sporting aesthetic the opportunity to have a qwerty device incorporating the latest business tools.”

Constellation Quest Carbon Fibre features a matte black PVD body with detailing in polished stainless steel or polished 18 carat gold. Surrounding the pillow, the polished stainless steel or gold detailing features a new step-design, unique to this product, giving a more geometric styling to this component. The navigation key is finished in polished black PVD, as are the turn key, flash and lens surrounds, forming the essential design DNA of Constellation.

Vertu has crafted the pillow and battery cover from lightweight, ‘2X2 / 1K’ carbon fibre. Using a two strand over two strand construction, with each strand comprised of 1000 fibres, this carbon fibre finish has been chosen specifically for its outstanding uniformity and depth of weave. It is therefore exceptionally pleasing to the eye. Positioning of Vertu’s V logo in the pillow has been achieved by precision drilling into the carbon fibre’s resin coating and then filling with a UV resistant ink.

The phone’s nose and chassis are finished in black pyramid embossed leather, a finish that is entirely new to Vertu. This material combination of embossed leather and carbon fibre creates a striking visual and physical tactility. Complementing the aesthetic of this new model are two new software themes which feature representations of the carbon fibre and pyramid embossed leather seen on the phone’s outer.

Constellation Quest Carbon Fibre benefits from the Vertu Lifestyle Services for which Vertu is renowned. Unique, independent and carefully tailored to the needs and desires of each Vertu customer, at the heart of these services is Vertu Concierge, offering lifestyle assistance and enrichment, accessible via the dedicated button on the handset.

Constellation Quest Carbon Fibre will be available from June 2011 from Vertu stockists worldwide.