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The Ultimate Cosmopolite Luxury: Hotel Marina Bay Sands in Singapore

The Ultimate Cosmopolite Luxury: Hotel Marina Bay Sands in Singapore

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We all look to unchain ourselves from the routine, embarking on a trip away from the ordinary. We seek for enriching experiences and dream of unforgettable vacations. If you’re looking to create the perfect scenario for your dream vacation, there are two ways to do that: plan it from one end to the other or don’t plan it at all (at times, one has to tear up  the usual schedule in favour of spontaneity, for it leads to satisfaction). However, when it comes to luxury destinations, everything is already planned by others, for your absolute comfort.

By-nightIf you plan to visit the cosmopolite Singapore, Hotel Marina Bay Sands is undoubtably, the most amazing place to stay. The city’s impressive skyline is a unique experience for anybody with interest in capturing the most spectacular sunsets. The hotel itself is an attraction, featuring “one of the most impressive pools ever built by man”. Composed of three towers, each of 55 stories, the hotel boasts a unique architecture. Towers are connected at the top through a boat-shaped park, elevated in the air. The park brings together jogging paths, gardens, restaurants, lounges, and the famous infinity swimming pool. Marina Bay Sands comprises a total of 2,561 rooms.

Boat-shaped-terrace Boat-shaped-park-marina-bay-sandsTerrace-elevated-TerraceInfinity-pool Lovely-viewView-Exclusive-Marina-Bay-SandsRoom-Marina-Bay-SandsRoom-view Room-with-viewRoom-interior Asian-cuisine Details-hotelRelaxation