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Uber To Fire CEO Travis Kalanick?

Uber To Fire CEO Travis Kalanick?

Updated: As we predicted, the Uber Board accepted Kalanick’s resignation to “step down” as CEO.

Will Uber, the ridesharing app outfit, fire their notorious CEO Travis Kalanick?

Both Reuters and Recode have reported that Uber’s board of directors is holding a meeting on Tuesday to consider recommendations arisen from its workplace probe. Numerous executives may be getting the ax, including CEO Travis Kalanick. The recommendations come from Eric J. Holder’s months long investigation into Uber’s bully, combative and sexual harassment culture.

A source briefed on the matter said the board will also possibly discuss Kalanick taking time off from the company. The discussion involved the possibility that Kalanick might return in a role with less authority, this source said, either in a position other than CEO or as CEO with narrower responsibilities and subject to stronger oversight.

Kalanick, through a spokesman, declined to comment on his potential firing. The upcoming board meeting comes at a terrible moment of personal tragedy for Kalanick — last month, his mother was killed in a boating accident, which also left his father gravely ill. Kalanick has developed a reputation as an abrasive leader, and his approach has rubbed off on his company. The 40-year-old executive was captured on video in February berating an Uber driver.

Privately valued at nearly $70 billion, Uber operates in hundreds of cities around the world.

Uber’s board will tell employees and the public of its decisions by Tuesday, a source told Reuters.

Last week, Uber responded to that report’s findings by saying it had fired 20 employees for numerous reasons, and was increasing training and adopting new policies.

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