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Tropical Island Paradise Super Yacht Concept

Tropical Island Paradise Super Yacht Concept

Christopher Parr | Pursuitist
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Yacht Island Design Concepts of Derbyshire, UK, just unveiled their latest amazing yacht concept – named “Tropical Island Paradise.” The bespoke yacht designers continue to inspire us with their limitless creatively. Here’s studio director Rob McPherson commenting on their newest yacht creation:

“These are some of the initial ideas created during the conceptualisation stage showing a wide variety of designs. From these designs, elements and features are extracted and combined to produce the final concept. The brief for this concept was to create an idyllic, floating island, with all the features of a tropical island getaway built into the design. As you can see, from the early stages, we wanted to include elements close to the water, deployable, as well as a mountain/waterfall feature.”

“This view shows the guest cabanas nestled around the pool and highlights the two deck owners’ suites carved out of the front of the volcano and looking out across the bow. The interior features an owners suite located inside the volcano and spread over two decks. The living room balcony affords views out over the front of the yacht from behind the waterfall. Located behind the bedroom is the owners private spa. One of the more unique features of this yacht is the deployable beach deck which allows acces to the sea for various watersports and sea level relaxation.”

“Indoor entertainment is catered for by way of a cinema, library, games room and gym, with relaxation options in the form of a multitude of lounges each offering their own unique ambiance, and a fully equipped spa. We can create your very own bespoke yacht island using a similar process, and make your dreams become a reality.”