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Toyota’s $375,000 Lexus LFAs Sell Like Luxury Hotcakes

Toyota’s $375,000 Lexus LFAs Sell Like Luxury Hotcakes

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Toyota’s new Lexus LFA supercar, a 552-horsepower, 4.8 liter two-seater, has already sold out before hitting the market. Toyota plans to build 20 LFAs per month starting in December, with a limit of 500 total LFAs built. Automotive World has more:

Toyota’s limited-edition Lexus LFA supercar has sold out, just months after it was unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show. Production of the two-seater will begin at the Motomachi plant in Toyota City in December at the rate of 20 a month. Although the OEM would not reveal a regional breakdown of sales, it did say that one-third of the orders have come from Germany. In the US, customers must lease the car for two years before they have the option to buy. Powered by a 4.8-litre V10 and boasting 552bhp of power and maximum torque of 480Nm, the rear-wheel drive LFA is the fastest Lexus model ever offered. The car takes just 3.7 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 62mph and offers a top speed of 202mph. The engine is mated to a rear-mounted six-speed automated sequential gearbox.

The LFA, which costs $375,000, is Toyota’s answer to the Ferrari or Porsche, according to Automotive News:

The future LFA owners said they were looking for a different car that exudes performance and prestige without being flashy or overwrought. Europeans also appreciate the doting customer service offered by Lexus, a refreshing contrast to the haughty elitism of rival brands. One buyer, a manufacturing engineer who declined to be identified, compared the LFA to owning a rare, ultraexpensive mechanical wristwatch. “To most people, it’s an unknown quantity,” he said. “But true aficionados know its value.” I bet the accelerator on the LFA won’t stick, either. It’s neat to see Toyota penetrating the traditionally European ultraluxury market. Toyota could even use the publicity garnered by the LFA to reinforce its overall commitment to quality.

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