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Top 5 Bench Presses

Top 5 Bench Presses

Every home gym needs a bench to anchor the space and give you an option for barbell exercises, presses, and curls. Most people looking for basic benches opt for a simple flat one, but if you can manage a little more, chose an adjustable option. You’ll appreciate the range of motion and all of the extra workout positions they afford.

Now, with everyone doing so much more exercise from home, top bench presses are a hot commodity! There are a lot of options on the market, but Pursuitist scoured the market for our top picks to share here, in ascending order:

The MiraFit M2 Adjustable Weight Bench ($177) is a semi-commercial bench that is solid and sturdy, though it does have less cushion than we’d like. Six easily adjustable backrest positions and four angled seat positions give it ample range of motion for your variety of exercise positioning options. And small wheels at the back give it increased maneuverability around your home set-up. Easy to assemble, the MiraFit M2 Adjustable Weight Bench is perfect for dumbbell exercises and bench presses, supports up to 260kg, and even comes in your choice of two colors.

The Rogue Fitness Adjustable Bench 2.0 ($545) is a high quality bench that features six incline positions from flat to 85 degrees. It offers more options and comfort than many benches as users don’t have to deal with the discomfort of a disjointed bench — there are no gaps between the seat pad and the back pad. The Rogue Fitness Adjustable Bench 2.0 is solid in all respects. The high quality bench even has rubber feet for added stability. And thanks to a convenient handle and rollers it is easy to move around. We think the very best part of this top bench press is that the deck is designed with a slight upward incline so spotters can get more leverage when assisting.

The Titan Max Adjustable FID Bench ($500) has ten possible bench positions and seven possible head/set positions to target any muscle group you want. Altering the angle of the bench is easy. If you’re looking for commercial grade quality for an elite home gym, this top bench press has a double frame for extra stability, gives you the ability to have a full spectrum workout with minimal equipment, and even has a removable foot roller attachment.

The Prime Fitness Adjustable Bench ($675) is a bit pricey, but is truly a special bench that has three-way adjustability in addition to multiple attachments for locking into a rack, doing decline press/ab work, and even wing attachments for curls. Exceptionally comfortable padding — including adjustable elbow pads and removable ankle pads — add to the features of this stable bench that has an astonishing weight capacity over 600 lbs.

The Rep AB-5200 FI Adjustable Bench ($469) is a great value bench with exceptional features like an IPF approved height of 17″, vinyl with good grip, and a front post design that allows for tucking the feet underneath during the bench press. Specifically engineered for those tight on space, with a design that allows for vertical storage, this top bench press is maneuverable in any space with its 2” wheels and an intelligently positioned stainless steel horizontal pull handle for easy mobility. It has three seat pad adjustments to find the perfect angle, a ladder-style adjustment system with laser-cut numbers, and stainless steel details on the handle and logo. All this with simple 20 minute assembly!