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Top 10 Spots in The World to Enjoy a Beer

Top 10 Spots in The World to Enjoy a Beer

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The remotest pub in Britain, the state with the highest number of breweries per capita in the US and the home of North America’s first brewery are among some of the destinations identified as a beer lover’s dream. Below is the top 10 spots in the world to enjoy a beer.

Inverie, Knoydart, Scotland

The Old Forge pub is for serious beer lovers. Why? Because to get there requires either hiking nearly 30km on wild Scottish terrain where there are no roads or taking a ferry across the sea. The pub is officially regarded as mainland Britain’s remotest pub by the Guinness Book of Records.

Cork, Ireland

Home of Murphy’s Stout, rival to Guinness and the beer that drinks like a meal, Cork has a strong brewing tradition and no shortage of good pubs. But the list identifies The Franciscan Well Brewery for its “astounding array” of locally-brewed beers and their knowledgeable staff who can practically identify the fields where the barley and hops came from.

Tokyo, Japan

Recently tapped to host the 2020 Olympic Games, the Japanese capital is also home to two of the most famous Asian beer brands in the world, Sapporo and Yebisu. Beer lovers are advised to hit the Bakusyu Club Popeye which serves 70 kinds of beer.

Istanbul, Turkey

There’s a fledgling craft movement abrewing here, says CheapFlights. The Bosphorous Brewing Company is cited as one of the best examples of micro-brew pubs where up to 10,000 litres of beer are fermenting on-site at any given time. It also serves fusion Turkish and British fare.

Burlington, Vermont, USA

Welcome to the state with the highest number of brewers per capita in the US, where there are about 25,000 people per brewery, many of which are award winners. Beer lovers may want to check out the Vermont Pub & Brewery where suds are unpasteurised and unfiltered. Also check out Magic Hat beer brands, one of the oldest brewing outfits in Vermont.

Decatur, Georgia, USA

Apparently, you’ll find one of the best bars in the US in Decatur, Georgia. The Brick Store Pub serves local, American craft beers and also stocks their shelves with German, Belgian and English speciality suds. Another reason to go: an annual cheese-off held every September.

Montreal, Canada

Though now part of the Coors empire, the Molson Brewery was founded on the banks of the St Lawrence River in 1786. If you want a truly Canuck drinking experience, check out Le Cheval Blanc, Montreal’s first licenced brew pub, where punters can find everything from wheat beer with cranberries and raspberries, and a dark amber lager laced with, what else? Maple syrup.

Reykjavik, Iceland

Scandalous as the notion is for beer lovers, officially beer was banned in the country between 1915 to March 1, 1989. Today, that day is known as Beer Day. Long live countries with official beer days.

Brussels, Belgium

It goes without saying that a list of top 10 beer destinations would include Belgium, a country that has a beer-making tradition that stretches back to the 11th century. In Brussels, one of the best places to join the tradition is the Delirium Cafe which stocks more than 250 Belgian suds, in addition to cheese plates and cured meats.

Wellington, New Zealand

This Kiwi city makes the list in part for its hefty per capita beer consumption: Nearly 76 litres per person a year. Mac’s Brewbar and Restaurant stocks award-winning beers to accompany local Kiwi dishes like green-lipped mussels and pavlova.

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Top 10 Spots in The World to Enjoy a Beer