Animal lovers do understand that it isn’t practical to keep an elephant, in and around the house, as a pet due to its colossal size. But now even tech enthusiasts are facing a similar dilemma. Not only one needs over $1.6 million to own the newest and the largest television screen but also spare space rising over 26 feet by 16 feet to accommodate it too. Titan Zeus TV is a 370-inch screen, the biggest domestic television available anywhere.

We have always heard that bigger is better, but what about the biggest? The larger-than-elephant sized beasty screen weighs nearly a ton. Estimated to be four times as big as the current largest television in the market, this standalone television is actually bigger than a football goal.

Titan-Zeus_tv_2Speaking of its techie features, the Zeus is engineered to display 65 billion colors in 4K resolution with 4:3 aspect ratio. Although designed to be used for indoors, the company also claims that Titan Screens are engineered to work in any outdoor environment to deliver extraordinary picture quality in bright sunlight.

Titan-Zeus_tv_3In all, only four Titan Zeus screens will be made of which one has already been sold. The 370-inch colossal TV will be shipped in a custom-built Hummer.

Titan Screen

Via Luxury Insider