The French Laundry’s Thomas Keller, the triple Michelin-starred chef, has collaborated with All-Clad to launch a new line of cookware that’s available at Williams-Sonoma.

The All-Clad TK Collection was designed with the home cook in mind and comes with Keller’s stamp of approval. Sets come in 11, 7 and 4-piece collections. Different pots and pans come in different metal combinations for specific tasks, be it browning, frying or quick heat transfer.

“It’s the benchmark of what All-Clad represents, and I’m extremely proud of it. We’ve been working toward this point for over a decade,” said Keller.


To accommodate urban dwellers, the collection comes with universal lids that are stackable, while the pots and pans have been designed with flared rims for easy pouring.

“The universal lid is something I’m extremely happy about. Now we have a set that nests, that’s more practical in shapes and sizes and configurations than ever before. It’s something I’m comfortable and confident taking into a professional kitchen,” Keller added.

The collections include a rondeau, ideal for braising, roasting and deep-frying; a stockpot for boiling, canning and blanching; a copper core sauteuse for searing and pan-roasting; and a saucier for poaching, reheating and stirring up sauces.

The four-piece set starts at $799.95, and rises to $1599.95 for the full collection at Williams-Sonoma.

Thomas Keller Launches All-Clad Collection