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This New Machine Turns Your Selfie Into Latte Art

This New Machine Turns Your Selfie Into Latte Art

Move over tulips, hearts and flowers… fans of latte art are craving more, and the latest out of the Consumer Electronics Showcase has them lapping it up.


A new invention, The Ripple Maker, allows you to recreate your favorite pics — selfies, adorable animals, celebs, slogans — on your morning joe.


Unveiled during CES in Las Vegas last week, this device works with lattes, cappuccinos, and all coffees, and adds much artistic flair to your caffeine fix.

Here’s how it works:  First, you connect the Coffee Ripples app to your iPhone or Android, which allows you to spray high resolution images (or ripples) onto the foam in your coffee with coffee extract-filled Ripple Pods in mere seconds (according to TECHMalak).


No need to be a coffee art connoisseur, but you may need to be an art patron, as the new machine starts at $999 with a $85 monthly fee.

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Look for it to be released next month!



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