At $500k per month, this is NYC’s most expensive rental EVER.

A 4800 square foot, six-bedroom 39th floor apartment in the Pierre Hotel on 5th Avenue, with views of Central Park, rented for one month — only the month of December — for half a million dollars.


Why is this space — which is mostly taken up with the Hotel’s Presidential Suite — worth so much?  We’ll have to assume a desire for elegance with a dash of ego…



In addition to the sights and the space, major selling points at the Pierre are life with all the hotel amenities — in this case, twice daily maid service, elevator attendants, an on-call physician, two restaurants, and a chauffeur-driven Jaguar.


The same renter also reserved a 10th floor suite for $110k per month for an “extended family entourage situation” according to reporting by the Wall Street Journal.


mostexpensive5That’s a lot of bread just to keep the brood in the Big Apple this holiday season!