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This £90,000 F1 simulator offers ultimate glee of driving a real racing car

This £90,000 F1 simulator offers ultimate glee of driving a real racing car

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Nearly everyone of us dreams at least once riding a scintillating F1 car having a prancing horse, but cannot afford to realize this dream. To make this fantasy come to life, the FMCG International Ltd. has strived hard to offer a real F1 car experience inside living room by virtue of an F1 motion simulator that everyone of us can’t afford to buy.

At first, from price point-of-view, you might find it a bit ludicrous but as you investigate further about its specifications, then you will also fall head over heels for this gaming ring. It will bewitch you to believe in a fantasy of driving a real F1 racing car.

You can simply pounce in this hi-tech simulator, which has three 23” screens with a speaker tower (made to order in buyer’s choice of team colors) and feign a real sporty ride, ensconced safely as the hazards of driving virtually on a circuit are zero. The software running this simulator will immerse you in an imbibing gameplay while leaving no impression of unreality. Of course, the driver needs to be acumen while driving this simulator just as in the real deal.

Some of the many features of this simulator are the following:

• Player can race on all F1 tracks, according to his/her desires that have been graced by the F1 rally.
• The body is made from composite carbon fiber and alloys in exact replica of the real car.
• It contains a customized high performance PC that runs on Intel Core i7 processor, a wireless keyboard and mouse.

After picking out the body colors and wheel rim colors, the F1 enthusiasts must wait for 12-18 weeks for its delivery. The simulator is installed in the customer’s home and is trained to operate it for better precision and a real-life gaming experience.

Though, pathos of most of the F1 racing lovers would always be, not owning a real one; this £90,000 simulator can fulfill dreams of many, who are financially blessed.

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