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These Simple Tips Will Help You Get Sexy French Girl Skin This Summer

These Simple Tips Will Help You Get Sexy French Girl Skin This Summer

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Let’s face it. Taking that mask off can be scary in more ways than one. While many of us had ample time for self-care this past year, it’s safe to say that we got quite used to how our mask covered up any, shall we say, imperfections that may have popped up.

So we turned to the experts at Bel’Océane Paris, a French skincare house that has used various active marine ingredients to pioneer luxury skincare since 1988. We’re particularly obsessed with their peel-off Masqu’Océane® line, single-serving masks that address issues ranging from sensitive and dry to acne-prone skin.

Kayla Childress

We spoke with Kayla Childress, their U.S. spokesperson and longtime skincare expert, to get our own insights into how to get that “French girl glow” this summer.

“We are seeing more care than ever for our skin since we have had extra time at home with COVID,” says Childress. “DIY services have been all the rage and will continue since the consumer has learned how to create a spa experience at home.”

She says that masks, as well as tools like Microderm and jade rollers, have helped contribute to the ability for people to enjoy spa-quality skincare in their own homes.

The secret to French girl beauty, she says, is thinking about “routines as rituals.” The French have always taken pride in their elevated products they have used. “If you look at the history of the French culture, you will find women such as Marie Antoinette that coveted their beauty routines. This has not changed. However, you will find French women keep things simple, classic, and timeless.”

Masking, she says, is an essential part of a skincare routine – and the ideal time to do so is before bed, as it allows your skin to turn over cells and enjoy maximum results … and be sure to lay off new products at least a few days before a big event to ensure that you don’t have adverse reaction!