Just in time for International Margarita Day (yes, it’s a real holiday), you can try an innovative new way to have your tequila. Fruit-infused cocktail fizzers are available today available exclusively at Norwood in NYC. Bartender Cody Goldstein of company Muddling Memories created this innovative solid that transforms into a margarita, right in your glass. Simply drop the ball into a glass filled with Patron, simple syrup and club soda and watch a margarita form. Goldstein was inspired by Patron’s Margarita of the Year competition.

The fizzers come in seven different flavors, Passion Fruit + Jalapeno, Lychee + Chia Seeds, Tomato + Thyme, Celery + Elderflower, Pickled Plum + Kelp Tea, Orange Marmalade + Sherry, and Cayenne-Chili + Blackberry.

Try them all for $200, or enjoy just one or two for $30 per glass.

To book your reservation to try these cocktail fizzers, email: Reservations@norwoodclub.com.