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These Exquisite Leather Bags Are Guaranteed for Life

These Exquisite Leather Bags Are Guaranteed for Life

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The folks behind Harmattan Design aren’t new to the leather trade, but the stifling nature of designing for other big names in the industry — along with their manufacturing compromises — had a shelf life.  And when you’re serious about something, nothing but a lifetime guarantee will do!

So they set out to make their own mark… Harmattan.  And of course these new quality bags come guaranteed for life.

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Harmattan is a leather bag collection of fourteen designs, all made of vegetable-tanned, full-grain harness leather from Italy.  There’s one for every use you can think of: five messengers, two shoulder bags (for ladies), three backpacks, one travel bag, one for cyclists, a photo bag, and a document tube specifically made for architects and artists.

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Using “the thickest leather than can be sewn, the strongest thread, and only iron cast simple fittings” to make sure the bag lasts — and will only get better with age — these simple, versatile, and durable bags are an exquisitely crafted addition to an on-the-go lifestyle.

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And for a limited time, supporters of the company in its earliest phase will enjoy what is sure to be a cherished bonus… a personalized embossment, to ensure your bag is yours in luxury, for life.

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