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The World’s Most Expensive Pencil is $12,800

The World’s Most Expensive Pencil is $12,800

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The perfect gift for the writer in your life? The “Ultimate” pencil, Limited Edition of the Graf von Faber-Castell Perfect Pencil, which is offered at $12,800. Only 10 of this classic pencil is crafted with 240 year-old olive wood and 18-carat white gold, and includes a built-in eraser and sharpener have been made, and there are only about 5 left in the world.

The pencil is crafted with 99 different parts, and features an end piece and an extender, which are made from White Gold Palladium. The pen’s cap features three diamonds beneath the Faber-Castell coat-of-arms.

Count Anton Wolfgang von Faber-Castell, the recently-deceased purveyor of the Graf von Faber-Castell Collection, surely knew his writing instruments. They were his family’s business since 1761, when Kasper Faber began producing pencils in Stein, Germany.

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