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The World’s Most Expensive Hotel Room

The World’s Most Expensive Hotel Room

Christopher Parr | Pursuitist
The World's Most Expensive Hotel Room

The Pursuitist opens the gilded doors to the world’s most expensive hotel room. 

Welcome, fellow connoisseurs of fine living, as Pursuitist invites you on an unparalleled voyage into the glittering heart of the world’s luxury travel and high-roller mecca: Las Vegas. Our destination? The Empathy Suite at the Palms Casino Resort, universally acclaimed as the most luxurious lodging experience on the planet, setting new standards for opulence and comfort.

The Empathy Suite is not just a suite. No, it’s a veritable fortress of splendor, a multi-levelled monument to the power of design, where hospitality becomes an art form admired by the discerning few. This is the stage where high-rollers and luxury travelers, those who demand the most refined upgrades, find their expectations not only met but exceeded.

Venture with us into a realm where extravagance is the rule, not the exception, where every inch is meticulously crafted to exude the kind of luxury that leaves even the most jaded jet-setter astonished. Prepare to have your senses enthralled as we unravel the Empathy Suite’s many layers of grandeur and allure, revealing a world that redefines luxury as we know it.

This is the realm where extraordinary becomes the norm, where each passing moment is an opportunity to live in the opulent present, to bask in an environment sculpted for indulgence. Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the Empathy Suite, a place where high-rollers rule, luxury travel is redefined, and the hospitality game is forever changed. Welcome to the apex of Las Vegas luxury.

The Hotel: Empathy Suite, Palms Casino Resort, Las Vegas

Situated within the vibrant heart of Sin City, the Empathy Suite at the Palms Casino Resort is the ultimate sanctuary of affluence. The Palms Casino Resort, an institution synonymous with luxury, lures a diverse crowd of global elites, renowned entertainers, and style influencers. The Empathy Suite, located high above the cacophony of the city on the 34th and 35th floors, reigns over this scene of hedonistic pleasure like a jewel in a glittering crown.

Jon Gray, general manager of Palms Casino Resort, stated: “The Empathy Suite designed by Damien Hirst is the pinnacle of luxury combining museum-worthy art and a truly legendary hospitality experience for the discerning hotel aficionado and casino guest looking for a once-in-a-lifetime Las Vegas stay.”

Palms Casino Resort itself, beyond the Empathy Suite, is an amalgamation of luxury, comfort, and entertainment. From the Michelin-starred restaurants to the state-of-the-art recording studio, it’s a locale that perfectly embodies the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas. The resort’s recent $690 million renovation has further elevated its status, rendering it a matchless epicenter of luxury.

The Design and Amenities

A testament to the brilliant artistry of Damien Hirst, the Empathy Suite is an architectural masterpiece created in collaboration with the renowned Bentel & Bentel firm. Hirst’s flair for the unique is evident in every corner of the 9,000 square foot suite. The suite doubles as an art gallery, featuring six original pieces by Hirst himself and a range of custom-designed furniture, creating a holistic experience that’s as much an artistic journey as it is a luxury stay.

Every amenity at the Empathy Suite is a seamless blend of practicality and beauty. The cantilevered pool, protruding over the Las Vegas strip, offers a panoramic view of the city’s iconic skyline. Inside the suite, a salt relaxation room, private massage tables, and a 24-hour butler service epitomize extravagant relaxation. Two master bedrooms, an expansive dining area, and a fully stocked in-suite bar underscore the suite’s focus on comfort, luxury, and the ultimate guest experience.

The Price Tag

At an astonishing $100,000 per night, the Empathy Suite is the costliest hotel room globally. To offer some perspective, that’s more than twice the median annual household income in the United States. Such a price tag isn’t merely for a place to sleep; it is a testament to the suite’s exclusive status and the unique, unrivaled experiences it offers.

Who Stays Here?

The Empathy Suite caters to an elite clientele whose appetite for luxury surpasses the ordinary. It is a retreat for the world’s wealthiest, celebrities, and luxury connoisseurs, all drawn by its unmatched prestige. Notable figures like Cardi B and Marshmello have reportedly reveled in its extravagant surroundings, adding to the suite’s reputation as the venue of choice for the world’s elites.

The Experience

The suite’s opulence extends far beyond its stunning architecture and luxury amenities. It offers a suite of experiences that are just as extravagant as the accommodation itself. From exclusive VIP access to the KAOS Dayclub & Nightclub, private art tours, and a generous $10,000 credit to use at the resort, every detail caters to a unique and memorable stay. Additionally, guests are chauffeured around town in a Rolls Royce Phantom, the epitome of luxury ground transportation.

Review of the Suite

As a personal testament, a stay at the Empathy Suite is an experience like no other. From the moment you step through its doors, you’re not only surrounded by stunning artwork but also wrapped in luxury’s comforting embrace. Each amenity has been thoughtfully selected to enhance the stay, while the personalized services make you feel like true royalty. This suite is more than just a hotel room—it’s a destination.

The World's Most Expensive Hotel Room

The Arrival Experience

Upon arrival, you are whisked away from the bustling Las Vegas strip by your personal chauffeur driving the ultra-luxurious Rolls-Royce Phantom. As you ascend towards the suite, anticipation builds, for you know that you are about to experience something truly extraordinary. The doors open, and you are welcomed by the 24-hour butler who will cater to your every whim and desire during your stay. The welcoming aura of the suite is instantly noticeable, with contemporary art pieces providing a visual feast and the panoramic view of the Las Vegas skyline from the floor-to-ceiling windows setting the tone for what’s to come.

  • Personalized chauffeur service in a Rolls-Royce Phantom
  • 24-hour butler service
  • Instantly impressive entrance, with prominent contemporary art and stunning city views

The Living Experience

Once settled in, the enormity of the suite starts to sink in. The expansive living room features a custom-made L-shaped sofa, allowing for comfortable conversation while admiring the iconic Hirst artwork. The in-suite bar is a marvel, stocked with a dazzling selection of champagne and spirits, ready to fuel your lavish Vegas nights. The dining area, adorned with Hirst’s art and equipped with a 13-seat curved bar, allows for unforgettable meals and parties.

  • Custom-made furniture including a large L-shaped sofa
  • An in-suite bar stocked with high-end spirits and champagne
  • A 13-seat curved bar for dining or entertaining

The Wellness and Recreation Experience

For relaxation and wellness, the suite doesn’t disappoint. The cantilevered outdoor pool, extending over the side of the building, offers a thrilling swimming experience, while the salt relaxation room allows you to unwind. Should you wish to maintain your fitness regime, the suite offers a state-of-the-art fitness room. The suite’s two massage rooms and the well-stocked medicine cabinet ensure your

The Empathy Suite at Palms Casino Resort epitomizes the ultimate in luxury hospitality. It embodies an evolving trend in the luxury sector where exclusivity, bespoke experiences, and unmatched service triumph over simple opulence. Although its price tag may be a significant barrier for many, it stands as a testament to hospitality’s heights, offering an unforgettable experience for those who can afford it. It’s not just a suite—it’s an experience that unfolds as a story of grandeur, luxury, and unique indulgence.

Unveiling The World’s Most Expensive Hotel Room By the Numbers:

  • A Sprawling 9,000 Square Feet: That’s the monumental footprint of The Empathy Suite at the Palms Casino Resort. It’s akin to your very own personal castle in the sky, hovering over the shimmering spectacle of Las Vegas.
  • A Cool US$10,000: The astonishing amount in resort credits afforded to the esteemed guests of The Empathy Suite. Indulge yourself during your stay, on us, because a visit to the suite is an event in itself.
  • An Eye-Watering US$690 Million: The jaw-dropping sum invested in the resort’s extensive renovation, initiated in the winter month of January 2017. The outcome? A world-class hospitality playground that redefines luxury.