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The World’s First Coffee Machine Musicbox Makes Coffee And Music

The World’s First Coffee Machine Musicbox Makes Coffee And Music

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Coffee and music make a lethal combination for those who need a cup of freshly ground coffee to get moving in the morning and also enjoy waking up listening to their favorite tunes. A Swiss company that is renowned to make the most silent coffee machines in the world and the legendary manufacturer of mechanical music boxes has teamed up to render coffee and music in one go! At the ongoing BaselWorld 2015 and in collaboration with Kiss (Keep It Simply Swiss), Reuge has unveiled Bliss With Kiss, the very first coffee machine featuring Illy capsules which plays soft mechanical music while excellent Italian coffee is brewed.

While music is considered to be a wonderful tool to help bring out the best of the mood and motivation after waking up, a cuppa hot coffee is all that one needs to hit the floor in the morning. As the world’s first coffee machine musicbox brews a perfect cup of coffee, a nice melody from the Reuge music box starts rolling to kick start the senses in the most soft and delicate way.

Isn’t it bliss to hear the music, smell the coffee and enjoy its exceptional taste, all of this without the noise of a traditional coffee machine but with the wonderful melody. To please your audio senses, the mechanical musicbox is designed to play the music even without preparing a coffee.

Featuring an aluminum anodized outside case, this smallest espresso machine is also designed to be the most ecological coffee machine. The beautiful polished brass finish musicbox features CH 1.36 movement and plays 36-second tune from a range of in-built iconic pieces of melodious compositions.

When Frédéric Dayer (Gotec) and Kurt Kupper (Reuge) first met, they both had a firm commitment to do things differently, better. While Vincent Manchen, designer at Gotec has managed to engineer the very first silent coffee machine for your home with a really cool design, Kurt wanted tocreate this special “morning feeling”.
The mechanical musicbox coffee machine is priced at $4,200. Visitors at BaselWorld can drop by for a cup of coffee at the Clarastrasse number 57 in Basel.